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Grindelwald, Switzerland (by Brock Whittaker Photography)

Royal Hobart Regatta Grounds
Each year the these tranquil waters of the Queens Domain in the River Derwent come alive with excitement around The Royal Hobart Regatta. This aquatic spectacle runs for three exhilarating days before wrapping up with a public holiday on the second Monday in February. 
As you can see from Matt Glastonbury’s photo, this picturesque outlook is a sight to behold with or without the excitement of the regatta. 
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Photo Credit: Published on Instagram by Matt Glastonbury



The castle capital of the world
By High50Not content with being home to the wildly beautiful countryside and rolling valleys, Wales also boasts Britain’s most splendid castles
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Pizza by Victoria Bellavia

That morning fog.


I often see and get jealous of people on Tumblr who are living on their own and cooking for themselves and are generally self-sufficient adults and then I remember that I also live on my own and cook for myself and am a generally self-sufficient adult, so I have to assume that we’re all just faking it.

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Mad Ave

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